What would be the most inefficient way to organise books in a library?

Gather information on what books are read frequently and what books aren’t.

Design the building with two floors. Entrances will only be on the first floor.


  • Place every popular category on the second floor. Have signs indicating category of each shelf; however, these signs have been misplaced and never correspond to the actual category. The more popular a book is, the more likely it will be placed on the very top or very bottom of a shelf. However, this rule is applied only 60% of the time.
  • New bestsellers should be placed ONLY at the bottom of a miscellaneous books bin, again on the second floor. After the bin is about halfway filled in this way, fill the rest of the bin in with random cheap 1900s novellas with yellowed pages and damaged spines.
  • All books should be shelved backwards and upside-down so that their spines are not visible. Shelves should be packed to capacity, making books difficult to remove without friction pulling several other books along with it and resulting in a pile of books scattering all over the floor. When this occurs, the nearest librarian should run over and stand at the end of the aisle, staring at the patron with unconcealed hostility so they feel pressured to pick up the books and shove them back on the shelf as quickly as possible.
  • Returned books should always be placed in a different section of the building than where they were previously.
  • If a visitor approaches a librarian with questions about the location of a particular book or subject, they should always be referred to section 12C on the first floor.
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