What would US political parties look like under a Germany or N.Z. style proportional system?

MMP and European systems tend to form parties fairly predictably.

  • Centre-right, pro-business (national in NZ, CDU in Germany). Economically liberal, socially moderate

  • Centre-left, pro-union (labour in NZ, SDP in Germany). Economically conservative, socially moderate to liberal. With economic reforms and the decline of unions, many of these parties shifted to become more centrist.

  • Greens. Economically left wing (although less extreme than greens in other countries), socially liberal

  • Nationalist (AFD in Germany, NZ First in NZ) illiberal socially and immigration, but populist on taxes and budget.

  • Liberal (FDP in Germany, D66 in Netherlands) liberal on most issues (aside from free trade and immigration sometimes)

  • Christian Conservative (CSU in Germany, CU in Netherlands)

I would see US parties forming naturally along these lines. Liberals from libertarians, nationalist from trump voters, centre right from business republicans and CE whites.

The democrats would splinter even more. Some moderates could join the centre right, berniecrats would move to the greens, and NCE whites might abandon what's left for the nationalist party. I could easily see black democrats forming a BLM party as well

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