What would you remove/add to the history curriculum in Ireland?

but to be honest the most interesting stuff like WW2, USA war of independence and 1916 rising is well covered

As a American that's pretty interesting that you learn about it. Mostly because when I talk to Brits about it they say they can't really remember talking about it much outside of a passing mention & always tend to downplay it as kinda insignificant.

Which I always felt to be a bit odd. Since losing their Southern penal colonies is what in large part led to increased colonization of Australia, and the freeing up of resources from North America helped renew focus on India afterwards.....not to mention it completely reshaped their future treatment of overseas colonies because they didn't want a repeat.

And...you know...the fact it was a costly, 10+ year war with their first, largest & most successful colonies up to that point, dominating much of Imperial politics back at home, with a ideological struggle that set a precedent for the later French Revolution.

And then you have it being directly related to the French & Indian War right before and the War of 1812 right after.

So...I would understand it being a passing mention & being considered insignificant for Irish history, but UK history? As I said I'm surprised it's the other way around.

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