What would be your "perfect" presidential candidate?

My ideal candidate would reduce the size and scope of the federal government and thereby reduce the power and reach of corruption - returning much of the power and taxation to the states.

He or she would be for short congressional term limits, campaign spending caps, single issue bill mandates and banning unrelated amendments. They would make voting records and spending break downs available in a searchable online database and get more granular to what we have now.

He or she would also work to depoliticize the courts to the point of supporting amendments/ legislation to ban partisan issue based litmus tests and require a lack of bias in rulings to be the criteria for appointment to be agreed upon by congress. Cases should be decided on their merits and the law/constitution. Congress should change laws as appropriate, not the courts.

They would not be afraid of using force to protect the us and allies but should also not seek out trouble or play an extreme interventionist role. Strike a balance and prioritize Americans and our service men and women first. They would have served in the military leadership in some capacity in the past. Ideally they were then a governor before being POTUS.

They would be pro business and use tax incentives to encourage companies to adopt green policies, avoid exporting jobs and to raise the standard of their workers comp.

Lead with positive outlook and optimism, reasonable nationalism and common sense policies based on fact based reality not political sound bites.

Close the borders but allow existing people to stay, pay back taxes and give them a path to legalization/ green card. Use everify nationally to reduce illegal immigrants who were not grand fathered.

A social/religious indifferent fiscal conservative but above all a pragmatist.

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