What is wrong with me ?

Yep, and this is my problem with asking for advise here.I never said I treat her like crap, I just pointed out that I don’t talk to her as much as I should have and I find excuses not to, I was here to find advise on what I should do to make her a priority all the time or a way to tell her that we need to find a middle ground because we are both young and go to school most times.

You don’t even know what the dynamics are on my end and that’s y I was asking to know how I should make her understand that it’s not that I don’t love her or don’t want to take to her, but rather it’s other issues.

Why do you have to label someone that’s trying their hardest to push for someone they love a lot. We love eachother very much, and I’m here trying to find advise on why I try so hard to be alone all the time.

And your response is “I hope she finds the courage to leave you”. Is that what advise is to you ?

Don’t you think bad shit happen in relationships and we find a way to solve them(that’s y there’s this fucking subreddit), do you think all relationships are happy all the time ?

We all find a way to compromise and my mistake is taking advise here from ignorant people like you.

I should get professional help from people or talk to the love of my life on why I want to be alone most times, and we’ll understand on another rather than a pseudo intellect like you.

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