What do you think is wrong with today's relationships?

If I ever want a relationship and settle down, I want one like the relationship Christian Bale's character has in The Big Short. Just a plain "this is what I am, this is what you get, let's start a family and be partners if you're interested". I'm not necessarily looking for love, but rather a partnership first and foremost; a stable environment to raise a child, as a team. I'd even be okay with starting a family with an ace, as long as we're on the same page of what the relationship means from day one.

It might sound a bit cold and cynical, but I think an environment in which the caretakers don't love each other, but also don't resent each other, is way healthier for the child, than one with the potential for resentment and a high chance of a breakup. But maybe that's just the autism speaking and I'm over-calibrating in the other direction of what I think my own parents did wrong.

That is, if I was financially stable. Doesn't look like that's ever going to pan out, so it's whatever.

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