what do yall think of warmogs now?

you mean backing after killing someone in a sidelane? sometimes gold I get from a kill isn't actually enough to get something substantial so I have to weigh joining and helping win a fight vs getting a health crystal or whatever

by wards you mean to use for teleporting? people do put down wards in iron and bronze or you teleport to a nearby minion

I built it recently in this game where i've figured out kiting like an adc with player attack move click on A so I did much better

If i build warmogs I think id start with sunderer or a full tank item, in this game I went directly into warmogs and then the game ended because they surrendered so I never had a chance to build another item completely but it did come in useful before that, I went to stop lux from taking a tower, killed her, it healed the chunk of damage she did to me which let me go teamfight and be a stun bot

another thing it does that iirc I did during that game was sieging especially after getting some picks, you have a skirmish, you kill a few people but the rest of the team gets away, youve took some amount of damage but you can help the rest of your team push down a tower and siege because you heal up

I also built it in the game I talk abt in this post which wasn't the best game for me, I didn't take dorans vs malphite, I dont think I had second wind and I did rush a tiamat in lane which wasn't a very good idea, but I do basically go for the full tank with frostfire

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