What was your 15 minutes of fame?

During the Most Interesting Man in the world ran by Heineken for their Dos Equis product there a was a little non formal contest on a site to come with liners like the ones used on TV and radio, so I posted about six or seven of them, one of which was the following: "When he's in Rome, the Romans do as he does.". Pretty much forgot about it, several months later one of their new ads come's on after several lines, "When he is in Rome, the Romans do as he does". I never felt more conflicted, on one hand my material made to at least a national audience on the other I received no payment or recognition for it. I used to do what are called bumper for a morning radio show I listened to called Dudley & Bob, and contributed to it generally as a fan. I've always wanted to do something in comedy writing, I would do well in a comedy show writing room, or "punching up scripts" but would be lost trying to come up with three acts on my own.

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