What is your advice for someone going into their early twenties?

Remember it's your life. Not your friends, partner or parents. Study what you want, but don't be afraid to change your mind and change your career down the road. Don't stay with toxic people, never be scared to stand up for yourself. Remember "No" is a complete sentence that doesn't need justification.

Save some money where you can but be sure to still have fun, travel, whatever you need to keep you happy. Live within your means, realize maybe you don't need that 30k car right now. Stay out of debt for as long as you can, and keep it as low as you can if and when you do.

It's life. It's not linear and everybody has different paths. There's no set in stone formula for it. You don't need to have a career, be married and have kids by the time your 25. Carve your own path, get comfortable, make yourself uncomfortable. Just do you, be a good person, and work towards the live you want.

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