What is your "Bat Shit Crazy" ex story?

I had a girl when I was 20 who just stopped bathing one day (you could smell her from across the room through a door, like BO in all the crevices), started piling nasty empty food boxes everywhere across the house instead of tossing them out, tried controlling who I could talk to and where we could meet (basically in the driveway within her view from the window towards the end), refused to take her dog to the vet for her fleas and caused an overwhelming infestation in the house (like 20 or more would literally jump on you the second you got out of the bed) that I had to get under control, would not talk to me for 2 days because she said that I was looking at a woman's ass on an escalator at the mall (woman was over twice my age and not attractive at all) and then threatened to kill herself when I broke up with her, admitted that she was a member of the Hemlock Society (which caused me to stay for another week because I didn't want that on my conscious but finally said fuck it because I wasn't sticking around with this girl) and then proceeded to stalk me for months when I stopped answering her calls.

I turned my phone off to avoid her calls and told her my phone was dead when she turned up to the house I was staying at, went to the store immediately and bought me a new charger.

I didn't even open it so she showed up at the door the next day so I had her wait at the door while I went to get the charger (I told her it didn't work) and had to hurry up and bust open the packaging without her seeing to make it seem like I had tried to use it.

She would show up at random places like my work, at my friends houses asking if they had seen me, etc.

I was still one of the types of people who wanted to please others to a fault, this girl broke (fixed?) me of that for the most part.

Yes the sex was really good, and she was a gamer, but nothing is worth the toxicity of that household.

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