What is your best track day story?

I'm 17 and had my first track day a few months ago, rolling with the novice group of course. The least powerful car besides mine was a 328i E36 on R-Comps. There was a 1st Gen Viper a guy rented, a C6 Vette convertible, a Lexus ISF, and a Jaguar F-Type. (There were others but I can't remember)

Now the most experience I've had on track up to this point was Racing sims like Assetto Corsa. I was prepared to be the burden of the day. However I was assigned (I believe) a guy named Richard. Richard daily's a GTR, and races his S2000.

So the first run comes and it's a hair over freezing. This is mostly just a "Get used to threshold braking and learn the lines" session. The next run has the instructor take control and show you the lines, then do a third gear run on your own. I was getting passed. The third, fourth, and fifth runs were all out within the rules. (No passing except on straights etc)

One thing my flair doesn't mention, is the color of my Miata. This is basically my car, only mine has a rollbar. Not the manliest vehicle, and sure to cause embarrassment to anybody over 400hp that gets passed.

So my instructor is showing me the basics of momentum driving. Around lap 3 we start coming up to the C6 Corvette. The lady has me in the straights, but I barrel down in the corners. She pulls towards the sides and lets off the throttle, letting me by. My first track day kill is a Corvette!

A couple more laps and I have the ISF in my sights. He isn't having any of that though, he pulls to let me by but floors it at the same time. I of course barrel in on him in the corners, however we hit the back straight and he jumps five lengths ahead. I guess he wanted to pull on me in the corner too, because he took a wrong line, gunned it too early, and went spinning into the dirt. (Nothing got damaged, incredibly safe venue) Second track day kill was an ISF, I can get used to this.

After the third was lunch, followed by classroom, and then 30 minutes of free time. Now our classroom instructor and VP of the academy is a family friend, so during the 30 minutes he took me out in his 250whp Turbo Miata. That thing was crazy fast! Probably the fastest thing I've been in besides a 6-Speed Shifter Kart!

The fourth run had me behind the ISF again. This time he let me through, so charming! I also passed the F-Type, that was fun. After this round my instructor took me out in his S2000. That was the fastest driving I've ever experienced! Just playing with the weight of the car like it was a pedal! I hope someday I can be that fast!

So on the fifth run my instructor decided to teach me a thing or two about playing with the weight. This time the F-Type was behind me, with an instructor. For five laps I managed to hold a strong enough lead on him that I could keep him behind me without letting him by, but he started to catch up, so I waved him by.

I've been Karting since I was 12, but nothing matches a real car on a real track. If you live in the North Texas area then hit up Apex Driving Academy! They're absolutely top notch, at one of the safest tracks in the state!

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