What was your biggest financial blunder in your 20s?

I have a few doozies...

  1. Buying $500K new build house with a boyfriend when I was 21 or 22. I took job in another city with a significant pay cut and had to give back a $60K retention bonus only to break up a year after possession.
  2. Ending up keeping the house because my parents advised me it was a good investment. In hindsight 11years later if I could do it over I would've sold at the $40K loss I was being offered while it was on the market. I can elaborate as to why if someone askes.
  3. Letting family help with basement finishing because your house poor. If you want something done right and to not look like a handyman special, hire a professional.
  4. Having roommates and not being intentional with the rent I was receiving.
  5. Moving my Sunlife mutual funds from to WFG mutual funds and getting into their whole life insurance scam. It was a very brief moment in time that makes me cringe to this day. But it ultimately got me interested in learning about investing, managing my own money and pursuing FI.

Despite all of the this, I got my shit together at 30 (4yrs ago) and now have 600K NW (not including home equity) ,and I did it all as a single person.

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