What was your biggest "Fuck it I'm doing this moment?"

Super late to this one but oh well. I was 18 and single, a girl I liked texted me on Thursday and said her friend was having a birthday party this weekend... I'm Kansas, we were lived in Minnesota. She said she couldn't do the trip alone but asked if I wanted to go with her and split the drive time.

I had the weekend off so I said sure why not, figured hey it's a good time to hang with this girl I liked. Long story short, we left at 8am on Friday, drove all day, got down Salina, KS in the evening. We met up with a few of her friends, went out to someone's land outside of town, partied all night hard, barely slept any. Woke up in the morning, went to IHOP, hung out for the day, watched the Kentucky/Kansas Final 4 game which was super intense and awesome. The girl I had gone with ended up drinking way too much so after the game I ended up driving pretty much the whole way home on barely any sleep and got back around Sunday morning.

Nothing ever ended up happening with the girl, in fact, one of the guys she met that night she has been with to this day and they're happily married. I made a bunch of friends in Kansas, although I've never returned and had a crazy couple days. If I had said no to the road trip, life would be a lot different for a bunch of us.

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