What was your biggest "Fuck it I'm doing this moment?"

Was supposed to go on a trip to Cali with my current boyfriend at the time to go to a music festival I didn’t care about (only was going to go because I cared about him and wanted to support him). I was going to miss out on a trip to Eau Claire, Wisconsin (that was planned prior to cali plans) to visit with some really important friends and take photos for a musician friend of mine I hadn’t seen in over a year since it was the same week as Cali. My boyfriend expected me to go with him but never once asked if I wanted to go to WI or have him come with me. A week before we were supposed to leave I got a really bad gut feeling and bought a train ticket to Wisconsin and got my plane ticket to Cali refunded. Had the most amazing trip of my entire fucking life and made memories that will last me a lifetime with people who love and care about me.

Couple days later found out that my boyfriend at the time was seeing his ex and cheating anyway hahahahahah. Best fuck it decision I’ve ever made was following my intuition and choosing not to go with him to that garbage festival anyway. We broke up right after the two trips and I’ve been the best version of myself ever since. New job, new car, new place, new everything. Always follow ya gut.

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