What was your biggest WTF moment at work?

Two weeks into my summer/fall internship at a non-profit. The executive director (60+ year old man) wanted me to help him with something in their CRM backend. He opened chrome and looked in his favorites and I spotted one folder that was labeled “Japanese Teens” and one link that definitely looked like it linked to finding prostitutes in Asia.

I pretended not to see it, and ignored it.

I’m Japanese-American, female and was 19 at the time. That was a WTF moment.

Many weeks pass and everything is alright. He asks me to join a conference with him. He was a key speaker and It was paid for so I said why not. The incident from before didn’t cross my mind. The conference was fun and I learned a lot. We went back to the hotel and he “accidentally” ended up booking one room with one queen bed instead of two separate rooms with a queen bed each.

That was a huge WTF moment for me. I didn’t know if I should call my parents or what.

I didn’t want to leave the internship with any bad notes and needed a good recommendation letter afterward for getting into my major (CSE). So I decided to sleep in the bed with him.

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