What was your "I can't believe this is happening" moment?

A singer/songwriter I was enamored of, as a person and also her music, came to a smallish theater near where I work. I got a couple of tickets and a co-worker who was also a fan came along. We waited in the lobby for the theater doors to open. The singer/songwriter came in alone, strangely unrecognized, as she was dressed very remarkably in a colorful, maybe taffeta dress, her platinum hair perfectly coiffed. Incredulous, i pointed her out to my co-worker. A second woman I'd never met approached me and asked if the woman I was gawking at was my girlfriend. An odd question. "No," I stammered, "that's Nellie McKay." The stranger woman proceeded to walk over to Nellie, spoke to her a few seconds, then brought her straight to me, introducing me as a fan. I still like her music, if I'm not the superfan I was then, but regardless, her "presence" in that moment was astonishing, like meeting a religious figure, who was also the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen, and she had been brought to me by fate, in the form of some woman who I guess was an organizer of the event or something. I'd never felt it before and never have since. I've also seen her around new York now and then, and while that's a small kick, the shot by Cupid's arrow feeling completely absent. One of the most vivid, spiritual moments of my life.

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