What is your childhood memory that you thought was normal but realized it was traumatic later in your life?

Serious question, because this has always bugged me: What about losing your memories at, like, age 6-7, from one day to another? As in, not losing early memories while you grow up, but waking up one day in bed at that age, only to realize that you don't remember what day it is, or what happened yesterday, or the day before. Or anything, really. I still knew my friends and what I learned and where I went to school, etc., but the actual memories, as you said, were all fully gone. That's basically my earliest memory. I never figured out why or whether that was normal, and I never told anyone about it.

I really don't suspect any repressed memories of abuse or anything like that, don't get me wrong, but it's still really weird, and I'd love to find out one day what that was about.

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