What is YOUR conspiracy theory?


Lookin' like a bunch of Frat boys at summer camp and shit

Hadda be flashin' like the daily double Hadda be playin' on TV Hadda be loud-mouthed on the comedy hour Hadda be announced over loud speakers The CIA and the Mafia are in cahoots

It hadda be said in old ladies' language It hadda be said in American headlines Kennedy stretched and smiled And got double-crossed by lowlife goons and agents Rich bankers with criminal connections Dope-pushers in CIA working with Dope-pushers from Cuba working with Big time syndicate Tampa, Florida

It hadda be said with a big mouth It hadda be moaned over factory foghorns It hadda be chattered on car radio news broadcasts It hadda be screamed in the kitchen It hadda be yelled in the basement where uncles were fighting It hadda be howled on the streets by newsboys to bus conductors Hadda be foghorned into New York harbor Hadda echo under hard hats Hadda turn up the volume in the university ballrooms Hadda be written in library books, footnoted Hadda be in the headlines of the Times and Le Monde It hadda be barked over TV Hadda be heard in side alleys through ballroom doors It hadda be played on wire services Hadda be bells ringing Comedians stopped dead in the middle of a joke in Las Vegas Hadda be FBI chief J. Edgar Hoover And Frank Costello syndicate mouthpiece Meeting in Central Park, New York together weekends Reported Time magazine Hadda be the Mafia and the CIA together starting a war on Cuba Bay of Pigs and poison assassination headlines Hadda be the dope cops in the Mafia Sold all that heroin in America Hadda be the FBI and organized crime working it together in cahoots against the commies

Hadda be ringing on multinational cash registers World-wide laundry for organized criminal money Hadda be the CIA and the Mafia and the FBI together Bigger than Nixon and bigger than war Hadda be a gorged throat full of murder Hadda be a mounted ass, a solid mass of rage Hadda be a red hot head, a scream in the back of the throat Hadda be in Kissinger's brain Hadda be in Rockefeller's mouth Hadda be the central intelligence, the family, offing the agency Mafia One big set of criminal gangs working together in cahoots Hitmen, murderers everywhere Outrage gonna make secret, drunk, brutal, dirty, and rich

On top of a slag heap of prisons Industrial cancer Plutonium smog Garbage cities, grandma's bedsores Father's resentments Hadda be the rulers Wanting law and order And they got rich on wanting protection for the status quo

Wanted junkies Wanted Attica Wanted Kent State Wanted war in Indochina Yeah It hadda be the CIA and the Mafia and the FBI Multinational capitalists Strong armed squads Private detective agencies for the oh so very rich

And their armies, their navies and Air Force bombing planes Hadda be capitalism The vortex of this rage This competition man to man The horses head in a capitalist's bed The Cubans' turf in competitions Hitmen in gang wars across oceans

Bombing Cambodia settled the score With White House pots and pans A warning to Mediterranean governments The secret police have braced for decades The NKPD and CIA keep each other's secrets The OGBU and DIA never hit their own The KGB and the FBI, one mind Brute force and full of money One mind, brute force, and full of money One mind, brute force, and full of money One mind, brute force, and full of money One mind, brute force, and full of money And full of money And full of money And full of money

It hadda be rich and they hadda be powerful They hadda murder in Indonesia five hundred thousand Hadda murder in Indochina two million Hadda murder in Czechoslovakia Hadda murder in Chile Hadda murder in Russia And hadda murder in America

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