What is your craziest family secret/story?

One of my great-aunts started doing genealogy research, and we found out that my great-great-grandfather (her grandfather) had 3 families in different parts of Canada. He was a part of a travelling carnival, and had a wife in Alberta, one in Ontario, and one in New Brunswick. As a long time circus buff, I wish that we'd found some evidence of what he actually did in the carnival :-)

My great-grandparents (her parents) were very salt of the earth type people. Homesteaded in a remote part of Ontario, founded churches, etc. When my great grandmother was in her decline, we found out that two of her children were born a few years prematurely (as in many years before the marriage took place).

My biological father was Dutch, and very young during WWII. His father had been in Indonesia for quite a while as a young man, married a 'worker' (slave), and then ended up as the mayor of a small town on the coast, and smuggled English pilots back across the channel, while my grandmother was happily bonking the local Nazi. Grandmother informed on my grandfather, Nazi killed my grandfather, my grandmother disappeared, my father's housekeeper took my father in, but lost track of him when he went to a concentration camp for the rest of the war.

My parents/step parents were all married to each other at one point, everyone got divorced, and then married the other person's spouse. Biological father was married to my biological mother. Biological father (schizophrenic/alcoholic after the whole concentration camp thing) had an affair with mother B, who was married to father B. Affair discovered, scandalous divorce on every side (divorce wasn't common in our area). Biological father started living with mother B, got married as soon as possible.

Six months later, biological mother is a nurse in a hospital, where father B was a patient. They started flirting, and then started dating under the radar (going to a different city, because divorce was scandalous), eventually figured out that they were both the 'dumped' spouses from their cheating exes, said, oh well (I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall for that conversation), and then eventually married a few years later, and stayed married until my mother died 11 years ago.

I know that the stories about my great and great grandparents are true, and my parents' story. There is some mystery (for me) about the biological father/grandmother/Nazi/grandfather story. I was told that as a young child by someone, but I just don't know that much about that part of my family.

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