What was your craziest sex dream?

Not that crazy, but just a couple weeks ago and I still think about it:

I’m on a road trip of some kind with my wife and a few friends. We’re all riding in the same big van / SUV together. We stop to get gas and I get out to pump. All the friends go inside the gas station together to get drinks. My wife walks up to me at the pump and starts casually taking off all of her clothes. Top, shorts, bra, panties. I’m kind of speechless and then finally I’m like hun, I love this, but our friends will be back soon so you better hurry and put those back on. She’s like oh I don’t care, picks up the clothes and throws them in the trash, then opens the door and sits down in the front passenger seat and just starts fiddling with her phone.

Context that I love the idea of her being exhibitionist / daring, but she’s usually a little more conservative. This dream sent me through the roof.

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