What is your experience dealing with other personality disorder sufferers?

I know multiple people with NPD. I can't fucking stand them. They're annoying, to say the absolute very least. Why should I have to get down on my knees and worship you? Always listen to 21 pilots????? I had to deal with BPD+NPD combo in therapy. They threw tantrums and cried (literally, tears were streaming) about how no one appreciated them whenever someone got what they saw as "more attention" than them.

Having people with DPD call you their "depended" w/out consent and threaten suicide if you tell them to fuck off has honestly made me wary of discussing my own suicidal tendencies. I feel like I'm just whining like that. Let's see, what's left.

*PPD- implied they ""had it worse"" than me when they just deal with paranoia and not any of the other shit that comes with psychosis *avoidant- called me abusive for telling them not to spread rumors than me. why was I called abusive? for confronting them instead of just letting them do that. I wasn't allowed to talk to them even for that, apparently. *histrionic- dated a histrionic girl once. don't date histrionic girls. *obsessive-compulsive- "im a dick and got caught faking OCD so i latched onto this to have an excuse for being a dick"

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