What is your favorite movie from when you were a kid?

Star Wars.

I still remember... 1977. We had this fucking horrible fake white furry rug in our living room. I, being 3 years old, was running around the house and felt a little prickly thing on this rug.

But.. but... this is MY house and it is 100% a safe space, right? So, I tested the grounds for a second and decided... fuck it. My foot pushed down, right into the needle.

I sreamed and my dad came running. I don't remember EXACTLTY what happened here, but I remember screaming "DON'T PULL IT OUT --- DON'T PULL IT OUT!!!"

And my dad promised not to pull it out. He was just going to look at it.

Mother fucker (literally) pulled it out. I was so pissed.

I wouldn't talk to him and he decided it was time for some father/son time so he took me to the theater for my first movie ever.

I have vague memories of the movie (mostly flashes of bleeps and bloops from R2D2) and I remember stepping on that needle and being pissed AF at my father.

I also remember a man that made a memory that I will never ever forget.

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