What was your favourite post or comment thread in reddit?

Mine went like this

Me: Roses are blue

Violets are red

IDK feeling brain dead Him:—————————————————————- I couldn't comprehend that my brain is shut

Maybe from eating or from busting my nut

From drinking some wine, i felt like a golem

But my mind wasn't enough to write a poem.


So my best move to offer somethin to Reddit

To copy a poem... SIKE, i did not even read it.

Because my brain cells were shut, almost dead.

GOD!!! Why cant there be a nice poem in my head? Me:————————————————————————— That would hurt a hit on the head

Is there anything to do instead

All I need, a simple rhyme

Argh this happens every time Him:————————————————————————— Sure there is, but at what lousy cost?

The one you love shall hurt you the most!

The pain you swallow builds inside

And your hand shall drift with that tide.


But the pain as cruel as it may be

Sholdnt be played with. It should be free

And all the emotions you collect in time

Shouldnt be misused for a lousy rhyme. Me:————————————————————————— I started off pretty cheap

Did you really have to make it that deep

Think of this, a quote

'All I wanted was an upvote' Him:————————————————————————— Oh

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