What is your favourite quote?

“A strong focus on what I want.” - Peter Parker, Spider-Man 2.

Now this may not seem like an incredibly insightful quote, but it’s one of my favourite moments in film and it always manages to give me goosebumps. Peter is constantly punished for wanting to help people throughout the film of spider-man 2, he can’t be with his true love, he loses his best friend, he loses his job and his aunt loses her house because Spider-Man is his responsibility, helping others is his responsibility. He spends the whole movie being essentially beaten down by the mask of Spider-Man, doing what he believes is right, but always suffering from the consequences. After these events that continue to beat him down, he loses his powers, his subconscious will no longer let him be spider-man, so he goes through a period of being himself, Peter Parker, without Spider-Man, he then speaks to a Doctor, who informs him there is nothing wrong with him, it’s all in his head. He tells the doctor of his ‘dreams’ where he’s Spider-Man, and the doctor tells him maybe he doesn’t want to be Spider-Man anymore, and tells him to have a strong focus on what he wants. Peter enjoys a normal life, he even has the choice to be with Mary Jane Watson, the love of his life, but he chooses to be Spider-Man once more, after speaking to his aunt about how much Spider-Man does for people. So after all of this emotional and moral conflict ion, Peter goes to see Mary Jane, to tell her he can’t be the man she wants him to be. Then, Mary Jane is captured, and Peter has a reason to be Spider-Man again. Peter makes his way onto a rooftop, he states to himself “A strong focus on what I want”, and then he takes off his glasses, and without knowing whether his powers would fail or not, he jumps off the building. Spider-Man is back, Peter truly wants to be him, and the most powerful realisation has been made by Peter, to truly want to be Spider-Man. I’m so sorry for writing this much but that scene just means a lot to me and Sam Raimi is a genius so

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