What is your favourite reddit inside joke?

Let me tell you a story about Reddit inside jokes. I discovered Reddit my Junior year in high school. I was never much of a social butterfly, but when I'd get bored of being alone, I'd always find something else to do. But Reddit became all I did. Bored in class? Reddit. Can't sleep? Reddit. Need a laugh? A meal idea? some specific porn? It was my top bookmark on my laptop. Anyway, I started using Reddit inside jokes in real life. I'd bring something up that's normal to bring up on Reddit, then have to explain to my peers what a cumbox is, then I'M the one who's weird. Anyway, I became a bit of an outcast. I was the guy who never shut up about Tom Cruise or Jolly Ranchers. By the end of Senior year, I was pretty down about not having friends anymore. I'd just sit in my room all day going back and forth between Reddit and Facebook pictures of my peers having social lives and having fun. Teenage hormones and such made me more depressed about it than i should have been looking back, I mean, what's the big deal? They were all annoying anyway. But at the time I was always down in the dumps. I tried to get off the computer and hang out with people, but I had cemented myself as the weird kid, so I just gave up and spent day in and day out on my computer. I For about a year I didn't see much of the light of day. My parents got worried and decided to try to get me to start having fun and socializing with them at first, so they'd take me out to dinner, rent movies for us to watch as a family, they bought a pool table and a dart board and the works for the basement but nothing really worked until one night. My mother stopped by the video store on her way home from work and came out with movie about an under appreciated hero in the security business who proves himself as the hero he is when a Mall is in danger. It was the best movie I ever saw. I watched it all the time. It gave me hope for myself to be who I wanted to be, and in time, I had friends coming over to watch it with me. So I'd just like to say, thank you, Paul Blart: Mall Cop, for probably saving me from an unfulfilled depressing life.

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