What is your first or earliest memory?

When I pulled myself up on my own for the first time, I was a little over 1.

This was in 1996, so before my parents had the money for a camcorder, therefore no video of this moment was recorded. We moved from this house when I was 3, but I can still remember a lot about when we lived there. My dad was the only one home, and walked into the room after I already pulled myself up.

When I first asked him to explain what happened, he said “I don’t know, you must have used the couch to pull yourself up” so I’ve never known a detailed story other than what I can picture. As I explained my memory of it to my dad, he was stunned. He told me he wasn’t even able to remember the layout of the living room from back then...

When I close my eyes I can visualize specific spatial memories- where I was, which direction I was facing, the time of day/year, objects around me, and people that were present.

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