What was your first experience with marijuana?

This is a brief explanation of my friends' first experience.

A buddy of mine named "Matt" visited me during college. I was a heavy weed smoker, and he had never touched the stuff. Matt agreed to try this new experience that night because it was college and thats just what you do.

A few hours before he came to my house, my other friends and I were reminiscing about our first time smoking whilst taking bong rips... well because thats also what you do.

The topic was the age old "you dont really get high your first time" argument and it was a super slow mildly interesting discussion. I don't know who brought it up, but we eventually agreed that not getting high your first time was simply a user error. Noobs didn't know how the various pipes and slides etc. worked.

So I decided then when Matt showed up, i'd show him how to properly use a gigantic 5 foot bong.

This is where I feel bad...

Right away Matt just said "no no no I don't know how to do this... you do it for me".

So I agree and load up the chamber but never pull the slide, and cover the top after i'm out of breath. Thats when I pass it to Matt and tell him to inhale.

Poor buddy took one of the biggest bong rips i've ever seen... everyone in the room collectively said "ohhhhh shiiiiiieeeet" and then the room erupted with laughter.

About 30min later I found Matt under my kitchen table with all ten of his fingers in his mouth massaging his tongue. He saw that I had found him, crawled out from underneath the table, and took off at a full sprint out my back door.

This was over a decade ago and i'm positive the dude is still tripping balls, because that was the last time I ever saw him.

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