What was your "fuck it, I'm done" moment?

Call with my brother.

Me: “I’ve got great news!! You’re going to be an uncle!”

Him: “Really. That’s great.” His tone was kinda flat.

Me: “We’re really excited! We started trying three years ago but it never happened. We did some tests and it didn’t look like it would happen for us. We’re shocked and so happy! The test showed that …..”

Him: Cutting me off, “it’s not yours”

Me: …… Mind racing. Did I really hear that right? Did he really just say that?!?! No, he can’t mean that like it sounds. He’s not that big of asshole. He must mean that it’s not likely I’m the one with the fertility issue. “Maybe”

Call ends. I keep turning his comment over and over in my head. He calls back the next day:

Me: “Hey. How’s it going?”

Him: “Just wanted to say congrats. I was in a bad mood because of my job …. Blah blah blah.”

Me: “Thanks! We’re just so excited! I can’t wait to meet my son!”

Him: “Well, at least it probably won’t be black”

Me: …. I’m a fool. He is huge asshole.

At this point, I was very sad and regret thinking he was saying anything other than what it seemed like.

That was the moment I said to myself, “Fuck it. Family or not, I don’t’ need this person in my life.” I don’t talk to him anymore and consider him my ex-brother and not my son’s uncle.

To head off questions. No, we didn’t tell people we were trying and, after it wasn’t working, telling people seemed pointless. No, I never thought my wife cheated on me. Yes, I am certain he is my son. And, my brother lives states and had nothing to back up his claim other than the length of time it took for us to conceive. He’s just a jealous asshole. Fuck him.

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