What was your "fuck it, I'm done" moment?

I deleted the previous post cos sometimes I just don't want to think about this.

My "fuck it, I'm done." Moment came after I started my fourth job in five years.

The first job had two females claimed racism and sexism, and one had their boyfriend call and threaten me. They were caught by coworkers trying to pawn off work on me, and used the old standby.

Next job: During a particularly bad week, which culminated in my needing surgery for something else, my supervisor went into my personnel file to find out my health information and tried to use it to "persuade" me regarding things she wanted done. Her supervisor decided that me being chronically ill was because I needed to exercise more, and told me so. My job at the time was very physical. I had enough and left for job number three.

Three: The geographical asshole of jobs. The worst collection of malcontent bitter, divorced females, and the dumping grounds for problem employees within this organization. If I hadn't been so blind I might have picked up on the warning signs at this place. (My first week there they canned the male temp worker then laughed about how hurt he was in a meeting) All female coworkers, all divorced, and non-stop bitching about men. Secretaries that acted like supervisors, hovering over your shoulder and demanding this or that. Coworkers that would steal your reference materials and hide them. One was an absolute bully that would delight in physically barring me from using the rest room. Someone threw nails under my tires. Screaming matches were not uncommon between others. I watched two women throw file folders full of papers in each others face over slight disagreements. I told the supervisor over the phone that she could fix it or I wasn't coming in any more. She told me she would. And when I came back and two detectives were waiting for me. Allegations of doors closed loudly scared someone and how threatening and intimidating that was. I was escorted out. And both frightened and relieved. One was doing the buddy cop exit interview, probably to assess if I was coming back to hurt anyone, and all I could do was laugh in relief and tell him I'm never looking back.

After that it took me a while to really gather myself again. Called in a favor and started job four:

Lasted one month. Overwhelming majority women, again. Health care, it's just how it is. When the day started I made an assessment of what we needed to do to cover personnel on the floors. I let my supervisor know, and she asked if I was "going to be a man and take care of it" in one hell of a bitchy manner. I looked at her and went back to work. Later that day, one of the nurses requested a holiday that I could not make work and the supervisor turned down. She screamed at me over the phone, and I went down to the floor to talk to her at which point she cursed me out. I walked back to my office, typed up my resignation and walked out.

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