What is your gayest trait?

My friend would never discuss anything related to his sexuality because his parents because he's really shy and doesn't talk all that much to begin with. Also, he's definitely not pro gay at all and that's a tiny part of why we (and other people) think he's in the closet. He's definitely not out to us and is the type of guy who says he can't tell if another guy is attractive or not because in his mind, that's only a step away from being attracted TO the guy. Again, WHAT?

He's not on the team I was talking about earlier (lacrosse team) and I'm certain he wouldn't approve of or even understand how homoerotic it can be and he wouldn't like any of the goofing around we do that's quasi sexual. Our friend group, as well as the lacrosse team do quick hugs, or bro hugs and sometimes a big/normal hug if we haven't seen each other in a while, like over Christmas break or for a several weeks during the summer. He thinks it's kind of gay for guys to greet each other like that and doesn't like to be touched by guys in general.

He's pretty paranoid about doing anything that could remotely been seen as something a gay guy would do which to me/us is odd because if he were as straight as he wants us to believe he is, he wouldn't feel any sexual attraction or get turned on by casual contact with other guys. Also, he's terrified of girls and has never even talked about a girl he's attracted to or would want to date etc. Girls have asked the rest of us if he's gay because he seems so disinterested in them, but other girls too.

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