What is your guys opinion on labor unions?

My biggest problem with the laws about hiring/firing people is that they are always subjective. Let's say I have a black employee and she is attempting to form a union, let's say she is also late twice a week so I let her go. Now she can go get a lawyer and file a lawsuit for 3 different wrongful termination cases. Now I the owner have to spend time, money, and energy defending myself when I should be using that time, money and energy building my business. In the end it shouldn't matter why I fire her, It is my building, by property, by equipment, my loans, my risk, and my money.

An employer cannot sue an employee for "wrongful quitting", why is it OK for the employee to sue the employer for "wrongful termination"? When all we have here is an agreement between two people for an exchange of labor for money. Either one should be able to terminate the contract at any time for any reason.

It would be like a anti-gay person quitting after finding out their boss hired a gay person. Can that person be Forced to provide their labor against their will (even if they are being compensated with money)? NO. Then why should the business owner be forced to provide money against their will (just because they are still being provided with labor)?

Most people agree that we have rights, and that those rights extend to our property and our belief, but the second you become a business owner, half of society thinks that you lose most of your rights. I don't see why the voluntary decision to make and sell a product/service should come with the price of "you lose most of your rights". Think of the thousands of things that you can do, things that are completely protected, that once money is involved suddenly become "illegal". This trend in American Law needs to change.

As far as contracts go, I think the court system can provide the checks and balances needed. We can use jury nullification and precedence to make contract law more reasonable. No real need to have all encompassing laws that may not be appropriate for all situations. Also umbrella laws create lots of loopholes for people to get out of contracts that are otherwise legal.

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