What was your hardest good bye?

I live at my grandparents house. One day my grandpa surprised me by bringing fast food home for lunch one day. I was in the middle of homework and really didn't want to stop because i was almost done, so i didn't go out and eat with him and grandma. I finish my food and go out to the living room where he usually is and i don't see him so i ask my grandma where he went. She said he was tired and went to bed early (this is at about 3:30pm). He usually falls asleep in his armchair in the living room but i didn't think much of it. Fast forward 4 hours and my grandma comes into my room saying "Can you help me?! He's not responding" i think: well he's a pretty heavy sleeper so many l maybe she's overreacting. She was not.

5 hours later and we're in the ER with: me, my grandma, my dad, and my uncle. We stay there until about 1am. Grandpa is still unresponsive. My dad takes me and my grandma home. I visit grandpa a few times in the hospital over the next week and a half. He was never awake when i was there.

2 weeks after the initial event and the doctors say he's not going to make it. He gets put in his own hospital room and me and my family gather there and stay for a while. When my dad says it's time to leave he also said i should say goodbye.

I can't remember what i said or did. But I still cry sometimes because the last thing he did for me was surprise me with food and i didn't even thank him.

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