What was your least favourite season of Bojack?

Same. I pretty consistently skip this season because there’s too much going on and the characters are so lackluster. Flip McVicker is a tool. The whole Todd thing with whattimeisitrightnow.com which made no sense. That weird episode with Todd and Yolanda where it’s trying to be old school funny with mixing up the twins. That dumb fucking episode with Diane’s therapist and how the therapist describes people with abstract descriptions to conceal their identity. Bobo the Zebra? Tangled fog of pulsating yearning? Like wtf. Just…. Keep the stories normal.

And then the adventure down the road of Mr Peanutbutters ex girlfriends, only to have the moral of the story show us that all of PB’s girlfriends outgrow him because he’s essentially a large child who wants to be forever in his young 20s, and once things stop being fun, the relationship falls apart and he finds a younger girl.

Topped off with two very dark episodes about Bojack’s super fun drug problem. Wooo.

Just SO many bad episodes one right after the other. Most of which provide information that will never be used again.

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