What was your makeup routine as a teenager?

Mid-late 2000’s. I wasn’t allowed to leave the house without makeup, but my mom didn’t try to correct the train wreck that was my makeup routine. Maybe because to she doesn’t know how to do her makeup(even now), or she did and my memory sucks. I was obsessed with the emo scene thing but with the products available and my lack of skill or proper tutorials the overall look was... unfortunate.

I listened to “advice” from salesladies and family. One of the main ones being that because I was fat I must have oily skin, so I did everything thinking I was oily and acne prone. So drying skincare I forgot to do a lot, a high coverage, super matte and cakey foundation and concealer and a lot of powder. I live in a country that has small shade ranges even today, back then it was much worse so I got the lightest shade(too dark, wrong undertone, I think from L’Oréal or Revlon) from the drugstore and it was very orange. I probably had great skin and only had issues from using the wrong products for it. Over this crusty mess I’d put nothing besides a lot of eyeliner and mascara that I sometimes slept in and reapplied the next day. Eyeliner evolved from only bottom lid, to top and bottom, to trying(emphasis on trying)to do a cat eye with a pencil liner.

Today my makeup is a lot lighter and more natural, I do more glam looks for going out and special occasions but my day to day style is a sheer natural looking base with mascara, lip balm or gloss and sometimes eyeliner and fun colors for lips and cheeks. Kind of like a more glam glossier style with some kbeauty inspired stuff thrown in.

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