What is your most controversial take on Star Wars?

I've got 2.

Take 1 isn't too controversial: The clone wars should have been between cloned jedi and the reason Ben Kenobi hadn't heard the name Obi-Wan in a long time is because he wasn't the real Ben Kenobi, but the clone 0-B1 that defected from the dark side and took over his identity. That's what the prequels' "I am your father" moment should have been.

(Especially since the big reveal of "Stormtroopers were clones all along!?" has loooong since been changed.)

Take 2 is where I'll lose everyone: Phantom Menace is one of the best Star Wars movies because it delivers the space fantasy aspect of Star Wars more than any other.

People seem to be into the space nazis, WW2 battles, the skywalker and friends soap opera, the lone western hero shit. But that's so boring to me.

Give me more shit like magnificent cities ruled by a child queen, space chariot races, savage dinosaur riding tribes off to war against unliving skeletal hordes, orders of mystic knights protecting the world, children created by the will of magic itself, underwater cities in magic bubbles and sword fights with space demons!

When the farmboy went off to save the princess from the black knight's fortress with the the old wizard and the pirate they recruited in a tavern, the last thing that needed to happen was for everyone to take this shit so goddamn seriously!

But the response to Phantom Menace beat that out of the franchise and now we get almost none of it. It just got less and less. By AotC all we had was a gladiator arena interrupted by modern warfare and RotS left us stuck with just Obi on a lizard. Then... nothing.

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