What was your most humbling moment in life?

When my son, our first child, was born and the couple months after that. Had no prior complications in the pregnancy, he was perfectly healthy up until that day, he was born full term. Had a birth plan and all that, everything was ready for him, and it all immediately went out the window.

Had to have an emergency c-section because my blood pressure spiked and his heart rate dropped. His cord was in a knot, wrapped around his neck, and he’d swallowed meconium. There was no crying when he came out, he was blue.

He had major respiratory issues. He had to be flown to the local children’s hospital 3 days after he was born, it was Father’s Day and I felt so awful for my husband. His doctors didn’t want to tell us at the time, but they didn’t know if he would make it and couldn’t pinpoint why he wasn’t responding to any treatment at one of the best children’s hospitals in the country.

He was on 100% oxygen for his first couple months of life, we didn’t get to hold him until he was around 6 weeks old. He was 3 months old when we were able to take him home, as a perfectly healthy baby. Met all his milestone on time and everything. He’s a normal, sassy preteen now and the only residual issue he has is some mild asthma, things could’ve been so much worse. I am so grateful. The phrase “man plans, God laughs” perfectly sums up the whole experience.

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