What is your most memorable, unexpected trip with your friend/group of friends?

It was the 20th of December, 2012. I was drinking wine with a friend of mine at his place. He lived with his brother, who also was a friend of mine, but already slept at that moment.

It was a nice night, first we drank at a bar, then at his apartment. After watching dumb internet videos for an hour, we decided to watch a movie. Since we felt funny, we agreed on a comedy movie. Somehow, Eurotrip was our instant choice.

As always when drunk, we commented on every scene of the movie. When the Amsterdam-part came, we started to talk about the Netherlands and how great Amsterdam is. I've been there a couple of times before, so I told him about all the crazy things I expirienced there.

Suddendly, I remembered about the weed situation there, and that they might change the regulations, so tourist won't have access to bud anymore. I was sure my friend will never see Amsterdam how I saw it if he wouldn't make a trip in the very next future.

I'm not even sure whose joke it was, but the sentence "We should drive tomorrow" stuck in my head. Five minutes later, the joke made the transition to a serious plan, fueled by alcohol and sweet christmas money. I went straight to his brother's room and waked him up. I asked him if he'll join us on our road trip to Amsterdam. He said yes and went back to sleep.

Next morning, my friend was at work while I woke up with a bad hangover. His brother was at home, so he asked me if I really came to his room in the night and asked him about the trip. After I told him the plan, we called his brother and agreed on hitting the road as soon as he gets back from work, which would be about 10pm.

Meanwhile, we packed some stuff and got some cash from the bank. The plan was to drive through the night and stay there until the next morning, then drive back. We would sleep in my small Opel Astra, therefore we obtained blankets and pillows to make it as comfortable as possible.

The friend came an hour late home, and it took him two hours to get his shit together, so we began our trip at one o'clock in the night. I was the only one with a drivers license, so I had to drive the 650km at night alone.

First we were super excited and could drive pretty fast, but as soon as we got about 100km away from home, it started to rain and snow. It was about zero degrees C, so the road was very dangerous. The electronic signs on the Autobahn started to show a 40kmh-limit and an ice warning because the heavy rain was freezig on the cold road.

I had no options, we were already quiet far from home so I just kept driving. I was tired because I had to concentrate on driving on the dark, dangerous road and I knew I would get some sleep when we arrive in Amsterdam.

Due to the speed limit and the driving conditions, we drove for ten hours. At 11am we arrived in Amsterdam and tried to find a spot to park the car in the city, somewhere near Amsterdam Centraal. This was my first time with the car, so I had no idea how to find a proper spot without paying a fortune.

I remembered that the hotel where I stayed last time had a lot of free parking lots, but it was on the other side of the IJ. It took us half an hour to find the way. I've looked up if it had free rooms befor our trip began, but I was so tired that sleeping in the car seemed to be a bad option. I went to the hotel reception and asked them if a room for three is availible. First the girl told me everything is booked because of the holidays, but then I mentioned how I was their guest a few times already. She took another look into her system and suddendly told me that a room is availible.

We checked in and had a few hours of sleep. Then we went into the city and had some fun. We smoked weed and ate nice food. We walked a lot and it seemed to me like we took a quick look at the most typical tourist places. In the night, we came back to the hotel and went to bed.

Next morning, after the breakfast we hit the road back to Germany. The weather was fantastic, it was cold but there was no rain or snow on our way. In six hours, we were back home. Meanwhile, we were informed that Amsterdam will hold on their current regulations so weed will be still availible for tourists, so our trip was basically not necessary. Of course, that didn't affect the expirience. We had a great time.

TL;DR: Watching Eurotrip while drunk made us to do an awesome road trip to A'dam.

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