What is your most morbid question that you've always been afraid to ask?

Death hasn't really affected me much. Yeah I'll cry sometimes but, when I see it I just stare blankly at it. I've been on Reddit for so long that I've seen so many dead bodies, mutilations, blood and gores that I'm just kind of desensitized. I've been to some funerals where in the back of my mind I'm always just hearing "Do I really care?" or "why don't I care?" It was mostly just because I never really knew the people. Hell I've had some family who have died and I kind of had a uncaring feeling towards it. It's not that I don't care about the person it's just I don't care about their death. It's going to happen to everyone so why should I care that people or dying, I'll be dead, you'll be dead, we're all going to die.

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