What was your most scariest G-check encounter & how did you handle it?

I was 14-15 with a link looking to find a spot to cop uck of her in her area in lambeth (don’t remember where exactly) & we ended up finding a flat entrance open so we entered and went up the blocks to the top staircase. We were doing our ting until we heard a bag of man just coming closer.. I quickly pulled up my pants to prepare for the situation.

There were 3 of them and they looked like struggle trappers, they first asked what we were doing here and I said “looking for our friends house”. They then said give the door number and we will take you there, (I couldn’t think of one on the spot) so they all just switched and one backed out the smallest flicky i’ve seen (looks like what ratatouille uses to cut cheese) & they told us to run out pockets.

The ting I was with started hyperventilating and while all their focus was on her, I used the opportunity to quickly run past all of them down the blocks & they chased me kidulthood style for 15 seconds before they got tired. They had me running down the block with bare precum in my boxers nd shit & angry that I didn’t get to buss my nut. Till this day I don’t know what happened to the girl cah I blocked her as soon as left the area

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