What is/was your most vivid, intense dream that you still remember?

Made a throwaway because it's a bit risque and makes me look like a right sad act, but anyways.

It started sometime in the far-ish future, in an odd world that is Earth decades after some global catastrophe, where the world is basically back to the 1600s technologically, but obviously with the language and whatnot that we have now. Most places are an agricultural society.

Me and my brother got were living in Ireland (odd, since we're English, but didn't seem odd in the dream). We lived in some huge, very open peat bogs, and had somehow made a fortune in peat cutting. Just us two. This meant that we lived in a huge house built on boardwalks on the bogs. Unfortunately, things started to take a turn for the worse. The bog on our land was drying up, making the peat unusable. I specifically remember demonstrating this by placing a small 1 gram weight on a mound of dirt and the whole thing collapsing like a shit souffle.

My brother decided that this was the end of it. We couldn't afford to keep the land, house, or business, so he left for England, riding across the boardwalks that went to the horizon on a white horse. I stayed, determined to make something of it. Sell the house, maybe, and live off what usable scraps of peat I could find. I worked in the dry marshland for a few hours, when I heard an old Irish woman's voice behind me. I turned around to see this woman - about 60, but still reasonably attractive for her age, and still clearly strong and capable. She asked if I was having a hard time, and if I wanted to come and work peat cutting for her and her family, as that's how they make their living. At this point I was tired, and feeling a bit let down by my brother's readiness just to leave everything we'd worked for. I was also surprised at her kindness - I was ready for her to be hostile and smug because of how rich we once were, but she was kind and helpful. So I took the job.

She led me to her farm, which was run down and ramshackle, like so many dwellings of the time, and handed me a hoe like tool not unlike I'd been using the whole time. I got to work straight away with everyone who lived at that farm (including the woman who took em there), and after a while, I was invited to the barn for lunch. There was a huge table set up with food for all the workers, who seemed to be enjoying the food and break immensely. That's where I met her daughter, who introduced herself as Aisling. (Now in the dream I'd obviously never met or heard of her before, but as soon as I awoke I realised it was Irish comedian Aisling Bea, who real life me has always though is both very funny and very hot, but back to the dream). I was instantly smitten. She was attractive as hell, down to earth, and very funny (just like IRL). When we went back to work I tried to makes sure I was working near her, but tried not to make any moves because her mother was nearby the whole time.

Evening fell, and I was told by Aisling's mother that the whole farm (and the neighbouring farms) go the village on a night for dinner and festivities, so off we all go. (Now things get a bit awkward for me to write about because I'm so damn repressed, but here goes). I was told that the farmers use communal showers just outside the village centre where the tables and everything is. We arrived a bit late and things were already in full swing in the village. Music, laughing, little orange lanterns strung up everywhere, it was actually really beautiful. Many of the farmers skipped the shower and went straight in, but I felt sweaty and horrible and even though I was nervous to undress in a public place, I thought, "this is my life now, and when in Rome and all that." So I got undressed and in the shower. It took me so long to build the nerve though, that I was - fortunately - in there alone. Until Aisling walked in.

I immediately covered my manhood up, and felt pretty embarrassed, and was trying my damned hardest not to get hard. But those eyes and that smile, plus her being there. Naked. I broke ice by saying, "I'll be honest, this is kind of turning me on." and much to my delight, she responded with a smirk and, "me too". And with that, she got on her knees, took me in her mouth, and started giving me a blowjob. Then someone else walked in, and I immediately made an angry 'get out' gesture with my thumb and angrily mouthed the words, "fuck off". I would be damned before this was ruined.

Then I woke up and had to get ready for a fucking job interview with that on my mind. Did not help my concentration. Incidentally, and if anyone gives a shit, I have one other really vivid dream in a Dungeons and Dragons style setting which thankfully for my repressed self, involves nothing sexual. Unless you're turned on by pitchforks.

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