What was your near-death experience?

My friend John and I arrived at the supposed destination of an old opal mine map that was given to me by my great great grandfather. Unfortunately GPS technology sucked at the time but we did eventually find it near the old railway in ocotilla hills of California. By the time we had gone up the hill that was lined with cactus the sun had gone down and it was night. Wearing shorts, no water, no flashlight, it's Thanksgiving so everyone is at home, and here we are taking the old railroad tracks back to what we think is civilization as we slowly dehydrate. Eventually we had to cross the 'goat canyon trestle' bridge, in the dark, delirious, & dehydrated. Oddly we still didn't die and by the time we got down to the water tank it had been roughly about 6 hours or more. As we stumbled like zombies in the dark following the track my friend John noticed what looked like people camping but kept walking thinking it was another delusional apparition. I too saw the delusional apparition and walked towards them, we must have looked pretty bad cuz they were freaked out when they saw us. The wonderful couple was camping where they met years ago, they have done this every Thanksgiving since they were married. The couple hydrated us and drove us all the way back through the desert to our vehicle. They camped with us through the evening and we sat around the fire sharing our giant bag of California weed and talked about all the other times John and I almost died.

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