What was your ''Never meet your heroes'' moment?

Maybe relevant, maybe not -

A few years ago, I tweeted a picture of something I found in Etsy that had a photo of Elvira. She responded to the tweet telling me to take the listing down or pay her for her image.

Dude, I get it. If you have a character and an image, copyright infringement isn't cool (it's a lesson I've learned to respect) but I was just a kid who saw something that I thought was really cool. I didn't make it, I wasn't selling it.

ShopSmall, shop online -

You're not going to be heading out to the antique store or the flea market, but there's still hope!

There are lots of awesome curated shops on #Etsy and #eBay that are not only open for business, but run by folks who need the income right now.

Use and follow the tag #creepyetsy so we can keep up with each other and find everything in one place!

cassasandra peterson is a fucking her of mine and since then I've made an effort to only but officially licensed products. But man, that hurt my feelings and felt so petty.

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