What is your nlw hybrid squad

NLW means each player has the minimum amount of links required to have full chemistry. The number of links a position has equates to the number of links required For example, the ST in the normal 4-3-3 has three links, so he needs at least three links in total to get full chemistry. A red link gives 0 links, an orange link gives 1 link, a green link gives 2 links, and a hyper link gives 3 links. A hyper link is when two players are from the same club and country. To get a green link, two players must be from the same club or the same nation and league, but different clubs. To get an orange link, a player must be from the same league, but different nations and clubs, or the same nation, but different leagues. A red link appears when two players do not have a common league or nation. Going back to the ST example, lets say you want to use Montero as ST in 4-3-3. You will need 3 links in total. Putting Carrillo at RW will give both Carrillo and Montero 2 links, as they are from the same club but not the same nation. Then putting Guarin at CM will give Montero and Guarin 1 link, as they are from the same nation but not the same league. Now Montero has the full 3 links required, and you can put any LW that is not from the same league or nation as Montero to try to make it NLW. In your squad, Casemiro, Ramires, Varane, Koscielny, Danilo, and Azpilicueta have too many links for it to be NLW. Casemiro has 7 links in total (2 from James, 2 from Varane, 3 from Danilo), Danilo has 5 links, Varane has 5 links, Koscielny has 5 links, Azpilicueta has 3 links, and Ramires has 5 links. Here is a NLW version of that team. Hope this helps.

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