What was your “OH HELL NAH” moment in a relationship that made you leave?

Never masterbated ever because she was so insecure about her body. We would play 20 questions with food the most ethnic thing she ate was like Panera and I’m a foodie and overall just wasn’t for me oh also she just blatantly followed her parents politics wise and never had her own mind for politics or read which is ridiculous. She was book smart and not life smart but overall a really sweet girl who accepted me for me and was very emotionally supportive I sometimes wish I just accepted certain things and gave her some more time cause honestly she’s probably the most beautiful girl I will ever date. She was larger but really beautiful I don’t ever discriminate against weight and would’ve never told her to lose any but if she lost 50lbs she would’ve been out of my league god I miss her sometimes but I did some really shitty things in that relationship to myself and her and I regret it but I had to let it go.

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