What was your "Oh shit my life is over my parents are gonna kill me" moment you had as a child/teen?

I went to another kid's birthday party and they had a pool. Me not knowing how to swim was told by my mom not to go in the pool but I decided bring swimming shorts and just stay in the shallow end. I ended up in the deep end and started panicking (easily recoverable in hindsight) and someone's dad jumped in and pulled me out.

I thought for sure I'd be in huge trouble if my parents found out but luckily they weren't really social with the other parents so when they picked me up I just got in the car and we left without them interacting.

Generally stayed away from pools until years later when we moved to a different town and in high school I made friends with people who had pools. Ended up learning how to swim from them (not well enough that I would go swimming at a beach or in the middle of a lake or whatever but well enough not to freak out and drown in a backyard pool).

If I ever have kids I'll probably enroll them in swimming lessons like everyone else.

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