What is your oldest memory?

Age 5 or 6, living in a very populated city (suburbs of Toronto) and spending my summer days with my best friend, Jennifer (7) just wandering around.

We'd usually go to the mall first, play some Pole Position. Get a free scoop of prailines & cream ice cream from the Baskin Robbins cart. Head to Sears to watch young & the restless on their TV's for sale wall, sitting in recliners.

After, usually make our way to her buildings pool, where we'd spend the rest of the afternoon on the back of Larry. Larry had a greasy back, but he would swim us around the pool, even to the deep end! And back.

No parents knew where we were. We came home for lunch (maybe) and supper. No one even knew Larry. We did. He was the old stinky guy that lives in Jennifer's building in apt 102.

After supper we'd sit under the pine tree and make jewelry out of the pine needles.

We moved to the country and at school all the kinds would play in the forest. We'd build forts and it was always a competition to have the biggest rabbit poop pile You could use rabbit poop to trade for sticks to build your fort.

Wow thanks for asking this. Some really great memories.

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