What is your opinion about Real Social Dynamics (RSD)?

I wrote a long post about this a while back and got some backlash from this sub. RSD is great for some guys. It has really helped socially awkward guys break out of their shell and get what they want in their dating and sex lives. They have lots of great material. I'll give them that.

That said I really don't like them as a whole. I disagree with their overall attitude toward women/dating/sex and think they fall in line pretty well with what Mark Manson describes as "false confidence." Their material gives the impression that fucking a girl is the end all/be all and it always seems like a huge dick measuring contest. It's that "get laid at all costs" attitude. They're good at fucking new girls, but I genuinely wonder how good they are at keeping quality girls around and being in healthy relationships.

I can't stand the lingo they use and find lots of the concepts to be damaging and/or overrated (examples: AMOG-ing, "Alpha", being in-state, negging, DHV, etc.). For this reason I found RSD local lairs to be really obnoxious. Especially when other guys would try to blow me out when I was talking to girls.

Bootcamps and Immersion sound cool, but I think they're mostly ripoffs and don't help you as much as they'd have you think. I don't believe in that kind of exposure therapy in bootcamps where they make total newbies do crazy shit. It's more like a rent a cool friend service. I think a better approach is to start small and work your way up without paying thousands of dollars for help.

Finally, RSD Julien is a total fuckwit and is one of the worst guys in the industry. He's a manipulative jackass who teaches guys to be manipulative jackasses just like him. You don't see guys like Mark Manson being thrown out of countries for their bullshit (I don't even agree with the decision to deport Julien, but still). I get sad when newbies seek out Julien's advice because of how horribly damaging it is. The fact that RSD has put up with him for so long says something, because I think the other RSD guys are much better. He's an enormous reputational risk.

TL;DR: PUA is great at times but it can lead to some dark places. Self-improvement is one thing, getting laid and using it as a measurement for success is another. RSD is helpful to a degree but I firmly believe it does not help you become a better man.

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