What is your opinion on charter schools?

My siblings go to one, and its a dream compared to the default public schools. Its still a public school, but they have a limited number of spaces. So the application list gets shuffled at the beginning of every semester, but siblings of current students get priority. And every semester they accept people in, in the order of the newly shuffled list and whenever a student moves out of the district/gets expelled throughout the semester.

They have an awesome affordable program with the local community college as well, my sister is going to graduate highschool with her HS diploma as well as an associates degree.

And my brother was able to get the individual attention from teachers he just couldn’t get at the default school.

I think this school works so well because its so small, and they save money because each family is required 50 hours of service per student. Usually in the form of parents being lunch monitors, helping with child pick up/bus loading. The children can also earn hours by signing up to tutor the younger children. Or being a shadow for a mew student.

I can’t imagine it would work if it was a for profit school or ginormous.

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