What is your opinion of Spain?


You don't know me and that's not my name.

first of all we are not talking about burgers.

I never said we were. You're also missing the point of the analogy.

Your analogy is from the start wrong


am just wasting my time

Yours and mine.

to make an analogy you have to use examples from the same category. For example living beings compared with other living beings. Objects compared with other objects.

Says who?


  1. A comparison between one thing and another, typically for the purpose of explanation or clarification.

1.1 A correspondence or partial similarity.

1.2 A thing which is comparable to something else in significant respects.

And so on.

But if you want to make up new meanings for words, sure, go right ahead.

I will give you an example: if you go to the zoo (that is the holiday destination) and one of the animals in the zoo (one or a couple of tourists) starts acting weird, you don't just f**ing burn the whole place down because you have problems with them. You don't consider the whole animals as being weird just because you had a bad experience with one or several animals. Do you get the point?

abhora, first of all we are not talking about zoo animals. Your analogy is from the start wrong and accusing me of not understanding the concept of analogy is funny AF...

I stand by my point that a bunch of bad tourists completely ruin the reputation of tourists from the same place. This is the third and last time I explain it.

People are not burgers! People are not objects! The moment you and other like you realize that, our life on Earth will get a lot better!

People are not burgers!

Again, nobody said they were. You're just unable to understand the concept of an analogy.

People are not objects!

The inability of some to understand extremely basic concepts almost points to that not being true. But I don't expect you to understand this analogy either.

The moment you and other like you

Again, you don't know me. You cannot even understand what I'm saying. So whatever notion you think you have of me based on the few words I have said and you have repeatedly misunderstood is extremely inaccurate

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