What was your parent's biggest mistake in raising you?

Neither of my parents had any concept of time-keeping or forward planning. Everything was either spontaneous ('Come on kids, we are going to the beach!') or late ('Whoops, sorry I left you outside school for two hours, but I got side-tracked at work.') It was for the most part a very happy, carefree, upbringing. But I never learned to value punctuality. Being late was just something that happened. It was what life was. 'I'll see you at three' could just as easily mean 'I'll see you at four'. I have ADD. Looking back, I think both my parents had ADD/ADHD too, but because the whole household ran in such a blissfully chaotic and joyfully disorganised way, I never really noticed - until adult life hit, and suddenly a colleague would be upset (I thought completely unreasonably) about me being half an hour late for a meeting. I've had to learn that the rest of the world does not work that way.

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